“I’ll pour pure water over you and scrub you clean. I’ll give you a new heart, put a new spirit in you."

Ezekiel 36:25 (The Message//Remix)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

...I'm singing

I have been telling myself I was going to get back on here for about a month, but I am a procrastinator and it definitely didn't happen! So my last post was slightly depressing but I feel like we all go through those times... especially while in college, spending a ton of money. So here is the update:

I did not apply or audition at Florida State - yes I chickened out but I really think SEU is right for me
I am the president-elect of CMENC (the music educator's club at Southeastern) and will be president starting in the spring for 3 semesters. Not gonna lie, this one scares me a little bit.
I passed all my classes this semester but I did not do as well as I wanted to.
I am now a gaming associate at Best Buy and actually doing a good job at it!
If all of my financial aid comes through then my next two semesters are covered :))))
I started dancing again!
I am reading 3 books: Eldest, Captivating, and Stupid and Contagious.
I started writing music again - except I am using all my new music theory knowledge.
My procrastination somehow led to me getting an HTC Inspire for free! lol
My love life has been temporarily put on hold because I am realizing that I am too focused on other things right now. Or at least I need to be. Someone has recently walked into my life an rocked my world but I am trying not to think on it too much.
Oh and I am training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon! This is probably one of my favorite things right now.

Okay, so anyways the real reason I am blogging tonight is music... as usual. Last week I started writing a song, but it was purely experimental. I wanted to prove to myself that I could apply what I learned this past year in theory to my music. I started writing using different chords and different vocal techniques just for fun and it really pulled together quite nicely. I finished it of course but the second verse was on my phone. Well I sent my phone in for service and forgot the get the lyrics off of my phone first... so they are gone. After work tonight I realized this and was slightly bummed! BUT... As I was looking over the lyrics already and reading through Psalms I realized that I used the same patterns and the same main phrase as my first song I ever wrote. I pulled it out and somehow the two actually mesh! It is kind of cool because I purposely did not chords to the first song hoping that when I understood music better and how chords work together I could write a song that didn't sound like everything else. My mind has been completely blown and I am working on how to make them work better but I will try to post the lyrics later today or tomorrow sometime!

Listen to my heart sing...
christina nicole written: Beach Freak 08'

Sing out the words from your heart
Bring forth the songs from the choir
Let the music play from all those young and all those old
hear the voices sing your praise out loud
watch the nations all begin to dance
as the earth begins to fill with joy and shout your name

Oh God you're always there
you're all I really need
Hear my heart sing
Oh God just be the one
take all the rejection
this is my one and only plea
Just listen to my heart sing

Listen to my heart sing
christina nicole